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Country Road Vines and Wines is located just outside of Fort Morgan, Colorado on the corner of County Road 21 and R.  The vineyard, visible from the road, sits alongside corn rows. 


This is where the story begins.  Fort Morgan has been home to winemaker, Daniel Kauffman, and hsi wife Sharon Kauffman from the beginning. Daniel is a third generation farmer and has taken a samll acreage of land beside their home to plant a vineyard.  Making good wine was not challenging enough! In May 2018, the first 120 vines were planted with the total today totaling over 300. 

Life is a journey.  Daniel and Sharon raised their three daughters Angela, Alisha, and Ashley and enjoyed their daughters' activities and a glass of wine now and then.  Once the girls spread their wings, Daniel and Sharon began their journey of expanding their knowledge of wine.  They have had the opportunity to travel to some of the world's greatest wine regions such as Spain, Italy, and Portuglas where wines were born.  Many trips have been made to wineries in California, Washington, and Oregon.  Their wine travels adventures have taken them to a variety of wineries in other states such as Arizona, South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas and the Muscadine wine region in Flordia.  Some of their favorites are the many vineyards and wineries on the Front Range and Western Slope of Colorado.  Their journeys are many and memorable as well as educational.  Learning the history and characteristcs of wine in each region, as well as visiting with the winemakers and exploring vineyards has been enlightening.  They are eager to share this information with you!

For Daniel and Sharon, the winery and budding vineyard is where they call home. They invite friends, old, new, and not yet met, to their home.  They are proud and excited to add an experience for everyone to enjoy in their homtown.  They invite you to indulge in the beauty of Morgan County and "raise a glass" to a littel piece of their happiness. 


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